Finding Time to Write

I set a goal for myself this year, that I would write one short story a month. 10kish. Thats only 2500 a week, only 333 words a day. Thats nothing, super easy. If I’m focused and productive thats less than an hour of writing a day. So why is it that I’ve maybe written 10k so far this year?

Now granted my life has gone a little bit crazier than I’d expected, there have been some big personal changes, school is crazy, and I’m more than a bit of a workaholic. Recently I’ve realized that writing is the thing I let slip to keep everything else balanced in my life. There are only so many hours in a day.

I’m sad that writing is the thing that I let slip, its one of my greatest joys, watching the characters I’ve dreamed of come to life on the page and dance through countless crazy situations. Its also one of the best ways for me to release stress, losing myself in my stores is one of the most therapeutic things I know how to do.

Here I sit at the beginning of my two whole weeks of summer vacation before fall semester starts up, bemoaning to friends and family that I have so little to fill my now copious amounts of free time (at least in comparison to how crowded my schedule normally is!) so this is me, reaffirming my goal to get some serious writing done. I don’t think its unreasonable to set myself the goal of 10k in two weeks!

I’ll do my best to keep you all posted, and wish me good luck and good ideas!


One thought on “Finding Time to Write

  1. Good luck, Lisa – sometimes my goals fall by the wayside, too – but don’t let little setbacks discourage you! 🙂 Keep on keepin’on!


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